Maltese police reassure public after ‘Home Alone’ online prank gone wrong

An online joke posted by Facebook Buzzulotti Maltin basically pranked a good portion of the nation after informing the public that these two right here are “knocking on doors in Mellieha claiming to be from the council and asking for entry to your home to check the taps for possible leaks! They could easily move […]

We bet you never noticed this reference to Malta in Mean Girls …

The day was October 3rd… Aaron Samuels asked Cady what day it was while wearing a t-shirt with a MALTESE CROSS PLASTERED OVER IT. Sorry, it’s just so exciting when we find these subtle Malta references in movies that have basically made Pop Culture, like Mean Girls. And I am so disappointed in myself for […]

Unemployment in Malta and Gozo falls to a new low

Unemployment in Malta and Gozo has plunged to a new low, according to official figures. The jobless total stood at 1,642 in December – a fall of 7 per cent compared to the same month in 2018. The figures were released by the state employment agency JobsPlus. Meanwhile, EU statistics showed that the Maltese unemployment […]

We’re Hiring: Bay’s looking for some kick-ass writers to join our squad!

Maltese writers

We are on the look out for the next writing superstars to hit our tiny island! Got a knack for writing? A passion for current affairs? Are you one of those pain in everyone’s behinds, constantly correcting people’s grammar? Well don’t worry, because your days as a Grammar Nazi are about to pay off! Is […]

Check out who Malta is against in the Eurovision semi-finals

Every year, come Eurovision, every Maltese person following makes more or less the same remarks… “We’re always in the second semi-finals with all the good countries, it’s like they don’t want us to pass.” Conspire as we might, the fact still lies, every year we are faced with some tough competition, and it was only […]