Is Maltese dying out? Study reveals language used between Maltese students

A recent study conducted by researcher and linguist Lara Ann Vella shows what language students are speaking with while they’re at home. Published in the latest edition of the Malta Review of Educational Research, Vella has shown that students who attend private schools speak primarily in English at home, whereas those who attend state or […]

Prime Minister’s daughter ‘steals the show’ in Valletta

Robert Abela’s daughter has become an overnight social media sensation. Giorgia Mae, 7, stole the show just minutes after her father was sworn in as Malta’s new Prime Minister. She was spotted waving enthusiastically to the crowds in Valletta from the balcony of the Palace on Monday afternoon. Social media users were quick to praise […]

WATCH: Maltese Influencer featured on HUGE American YouTube channel

Brad Mondo, an American celebrity hair stylist, also known for his popular YouTube channel, has given us Maltese people a reason to gag! Having around four million subscribers, being featured on his channel is no joke. Well, Malta’s very own Stella Cini actually made it onto Mondo’s popular YouTube series Hairdressers Reacts. Now Stella is […]

Things Maltese boomers mispronounce that make me want to cry

Baby Boomers and I have … a complicated relationship. I’ll get over the popcorn ceilings in all the houses they designed, I won’t even complain about having to teach them how to add an attachment to an e-mail for the 5th time this week. But some of these mispronunciations are just … unforgivable. Gif (with […]

Malta celebrates another huge rise in tourist numbers

There’s been another rise in the number of holidaymakers coming to Malta. New figures show tourist arrivals in November numbered 191,698 – an impressive increase of 8.3 per cent when compared to the same month in 2018. The National Statistics Office in Valletta said 40 per cent of tourists to Malta were aged between 25 […]

It’s a busy day ahead for Malta’s new Prime Minister

Robert Abela has revealed he feels ‘greatly honoured’ to serve as Malta’s new prime minister. In his first major speech to the nation, he said that Malta needs to ‘keep moving forward’. In a televised address on Monday night, the new PM added: ‘People want peace of mind and stability. ‘People want national unity because […]