2020 Was Tinder’s Busiest Year, Despite A Global Pandemic


With so many social activities being placed on hiatus due to the ongoing pandemic, many people across the globe have turned towards dating apps as an aid for their search for love. So much so, that Tinder has revealed that 2020 was its busiest year ever…


Tinder Lite brings the dating app to countries with limited data | Engadget


The California-based company revealed that it saw a record amount of activity on its platform in 2020, stating, ‘Tinder’s engagement and activity grew significantly throughout 2020 with 11% more Swipes and 42% more matches per member’.



This announcement only reaffirms that despite safety concerns and lockdowns, the need for companionship persists – and in more ways than one too.


Tinder makes it easier to report bad actors using 'unmatch' to hide from  victims | TechCrunch


As a Tinder spokesperson remarked, ‘On March 29, 2020, Tinder’s Swipe activity broke 3 billion in a single day, the first time to do so, then broke that single-day, 3 billion record, 130 more times in the last year’.



In another report, which looked at the effects of the pandemic on dating, it was found that Gen Z sent 19 percent more messages per day in February 2021 than February 2020. Their conversations were also 32% longer during the pandemic. They also updated their bios three times more often during the pandemic.


Have you ever used Tinder?

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