Bad weather in Sicily blamed for huge power cut in Malta

Stormy weather in Sicily has been blamed for Malta’s latest power cut. Thousands of homes were left without electricity for more than five hours on Monday morning. Shops were also plunged into darkness and some were forced to close, just two days before Christmas. Enemalta said that a fault had occurred on the interconnector cable […]

Things You Should Stop Telling People With Curly Hair

For some reason, many people think that curly-haired people love hearing their insight on curls. But here’s a reality check…we don’t (unless it’s the rare occasion of useful advice, of course). Curly hair is a blessing and a curse, it’s hard to handle, but it can be pretty awesome if you give it the chance […]

Nationwide power cut hits Malta

Malta is currently experiencing a power cut across all its towns and villages. The cause of the power cut is yet unkown. Planning on doing some Christmas shopping today? I would hold off on that as during the last power cut that hit Malta on the 26th of November, most shops and restaurants were unavailable. […]