Things Only People Who Went To A Maltese Church School Will Understand

Secondary schools in Malta were already a particular experience for us Maltese, especially since most of us grew up in a time where co-ed was non-existent. But nothing compares to the unique school experience that those of us who went to church schools had the pleasure of experiencing. Having mixed feelings about the occasional school […]

WATCH: Over two decades of Malta’s radio history in just 2 minutes!

The history of radio stations in Malta shows you a progression of all of Malta’s radio stations throughout the years. You can see how they’ve gained or lost popularity, all thanks to the information provided on a quarterly basis by Malta’s Broadcasting Authority. The History of Radio in Malta 1993 – 2019 This is the […]

Malta hosts international Christmas choir festival

Malta’s International Christmas Choir Festival kicks off on Thursday night. The event will feature 27 choirs from across the UK and Europe to help get you in the mood for the festive season. A total of nine shows will be held over the next four days at various churches across Malta including the Mosta Dome, […]

Assoċjazzjoni Wirt il-Kalkara plant 75 trees across the town

A number of volunteers gathered around the town of Kalkara to plant a total of 75 indigenous trees in different parts of the town. This initiative was part of a larger project taken up by Saġġar, aimed to plant trees all around Malta. Saġġar not only provided help with the initiative, but also provided the […]

The 10 types of Maltese people you’ll find on Instagram

People come in different shapes and sizes… and so do Instagram accounts. Here’s a list of the kinds of Maltese Instagram accounts you’ll find on the photo sharing application. Recognise any of these? The lurker These are the people who pretty much spend their day refreshing their feed but would never even dream of hitting […]