When will Disney+ be available in Malta?

Officially launched on November 12th in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, Disney+ is the new video on-demand streaming service that looks set to take the world by storm. At a very reasonable 7 dollars/euro per month and 70 dollars/euro for a year, it could become a huge competitor to other streaming services, such […]

More holidaymakers visiting Malta than ever before

Malta is on course for a record-breaking year for tourism, according to new figures. The number of visitors who came to Malta in October rose by 6 per cent while tourist spending increased by more than 7 per cent to €231.1 million. A spokesman for the Office for National Statistics in Valletta said: ‘Tourism arrivals […]

Young Maltese model, Francesca Rausi, gets a mention on PEOPLE magazine!

Francesca is on fire this week!!!! First it was Metro writing a feature about her on their news portal site, then it was her winning Miss Little Christmas … and now, a feature of PEOPLE magazine. The article describes Francesca as “a four-year-old girl from Malta [who] brought smiles to the faces of onlookers at […]