Maltese households with children ‘Sort it Out’ more than those without

Statistics show that more organic waste has been collected in three months of 2019, than the entirety of 2018, after ‘sorting it out’ became obligatory in all households. With the importance that is being given to separating waste in schools and all around the country, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat believes that households with kids are […]

Malta breaks world record for fastest MK1 Escort ever

The MDRA finals were held in Hal Far this week and a Maltese racing team truly outdid themselves, when they broke the world record for the fastest Ford Mark 1 Escorts of all time. Lixxu Racing manage to break the record on the ¼ mile track in 7.34 seconds. The previous world record was held […]

Only 1 in 5 teenagers in Malta exercise every day

Maltese teenagers are generally fitter and healthier than those in Italy, Australia and New Zealand, according to a global study. However, just one in five 11 to 17-year-olds in Malta get as much exercise as they need to to stay in shape. The figures also showed that 81.4 per cent of teenagers in Malta do […]