A TV series based on a popular author’s life is currently being filmed in Malta

A TV production based on Agatha Christie’s life is currently being filmed right here in Malta. Agatha Christie is an author particularly known for her short mystery stories, more specifically for being the first to write a ‘whodunnit’ style story (That’s basically a story where the plot revolves around figuring out who committed the crime). […]

Are you even Maltese if you don’t know the lyrics to these Maltese songs?

We all love and respect our national anthem as every country should. It represents the history of our islands and the work that our ancestors put into building such a rich culture. The question is; would you be able to recite the entire anthem form memory in one go? Go ahead. Try it. It’s not […]

No parking, no problem. Perfect only in Malta moment captured!

You have to admit, when it comes to taking shortcuts or finding innovative ways to get what we want, us Maltese people take the cake. And this moment right here is the perfect example of what I’ve just said. What do you do when there’s no parking in sight and you’re in a bit of […]