Could Malta eventually have more cars than people?

Malta could soon have more cars than people, if new figures are anything to go by. The number of vehicles on Malta’s roads now stands at an astonishing 394,955, according to National Statistics Office in Valletta. That’s an incredible rise of 12,350 in just a year. To put things into perspective, the human population in […]

Maltese exorcist advises schools in Malta to stop celebrating Halloween

Every year Malta is seeing more kids, teens and adults dressing up in their scariest costume to celebrate Halloween. It might not be a Maltese tradition, but the feast has caught on well in certain localities, with parties and events organised all throughout Halloween week both in Malta and Gozo. Up to ten years ago, […]

Dramatic pictures of Monday’s thunderstorm across Malta

A weather warning has been issued in Malta as thunder and lightning batters the Maltese Islands. The alert from the Met Office in Luqa warns of heavy rain and strong winds across Malta and Gozo. The warning, issued on Monday morning, added: ‘Isolated thundery and gusty showers will affect the Maltese Islands.’ Social media users […]

Winter is coming: cold spell to hit Malta this week

The sun might’ve made a hefty appearance after yesterday’s storm, but temperatures are expected to drop for the rest of the week … just in time for Halloween and the beginning of November. Temperatures are predicted to go as high as 24°C and drop as low as 16°C with thunderstorms predicted every day from today […]