Air Malta promises more flights to London this winter

If you love going Christmas shopping on Oxford Street, there’s good news! Air Malta has promised to operate more flights than ever to London this winter. The airline said eight services would fly between Malta and Heathrow or Gatwick every day as part of its new winter schedule. Air Malta said it hoped to increase […]

Reasons why we can’t help but love this typical Maltese autumn weather

While some enjoy basking in the summer sun, the more sane among us (sorry, not sorry) are currently living their best autumn fantasy in this amazing, cloudy weather. I mean how can you blame them when autumn brings with it all of these? Plans are cancelled for you  Dear friends, I love your company I […]

Furious tourist brands Malta’s stormy weather ‘a disgrace’

You may have had to moan about room service or the cleanliness of the hotel swimming pool on holiday but what about the weather? One upset holidaymaker has done just that after she complained that Malta’s stormy weather this weekend was ‘a disgrace’. Janet Wilson, who is on holiday in Malta from the UK, went […]

Malta Police seize cannabis worth €2 million in 10 months

Police have revealed the true extent of Malta’s growing drug problem. New figures released by the force on Sunday show an astonishing 3 kgs of cocaine were seized by officer in the past 10 months. Other drugs taken off the streets include 457 kgs of cannabis, worth as much as €2 million. The market for […]

Don’t forget! The clocks have gone back in Malta

If you’ve woken up in a state of confusion today wondering what time it is, you’re not alone. It may happen twice every year in Malta, but the changing of the clocks to go either backwards or forwards seems to throw us every time. This is when the clocks went back last night and when […]