6 ways to beat Malta’s back-to-school traffic!

It’s official, Malta, is once again a traffic nightmare all thanks to children all over the island being back to school. But not to worry as we’ve found some great activities to kill some time while you’re stuck in traffic! Carpool karaoke your heart out You might not be the next up and coming James […]

WATCH: Road Rage turns into a fight in Qormi

Footage has just emerged of a man beating up another person in the middle of a traffic-filled ‘L-Erba’ Qaddisin’ street in Qormi. The weapon of choice, albeit not entirely clear, looks quite similar to a bat. Police said that an argument broke out between four people, three of them from Fgura and one of them […]

This Maltese motorist is having a worse day than you

A driver is lucky not to have caused an explosion after driving away from a petrol station in Malta with the nozzle still in his fuel tank. The motorist, who has not been named, had forgotten to remove the hose before driving off, knocking over the fuel dispenser. Shocking footage of the acccident in St […]

You can now eat Maltese food in the heart of Japan!

Us Maltese people love a good sushi buffet, but what we may have not known is that the Japanese apparently love themselves a good hearty Maltese meal too! A recent post posted on Facebook group The Salott sees James sharing his experience in Maruta, a Maltese restaurant in the heart of Tokyo. The owner of […]

Battle of the Maltese families … study reveals who’s the funniest

Forget football, politics and local bands, we all know that sibling rivalry in a Maltese household can be more intense than anything. As much as you love them, you want to be better than them. But how do you prove you’re more responsible/easy-going/organised than your older or younger bro/sis? Well, a recent study has shown […]

A little bit of Malta in the heart of Japan’s capital city

If you ever happen to be roaming the streets of Tokyo, you can’t miss Maruta – Japan’s number one Maltese cuisine food specialist. Yep you heard that one right. Takashi Takamiya opened his Maltese restaurant after spending six months in Malta. It was love at first sight for Takashi as he adores Malta’s cuisine and […]

Malta welcomes it’s first ever female firefighters!

The Civil Protection Department just experienced its largest recruitment in the last 20 years, with a whopping number of 126 Assistance and Rescue Officers (AROs). More importantly, the CPD welcomed three female fire-fighters to the force for the first time ever in Maltese history. These women joined the force shortly after completing a course that […]