Colours of Malta! Benches get a traditional Maltese makeover

  Malta is famous for lots of things – food, culture, friendliness, history – the list goes on. But one thing it doesn’t get enough credit for is its love of colour. Traditional Maltese fishing boats are some of the most colourful in the world, featuring huge streaks of blue, red, yellow and green. You […]

Some of the sickest Maltese tats of 2019

When it comes to local tattoo-talent, the Maltese artists surely got it going on. From intricate realism, to iconic traditional tattoos, cool tribal work, vibrant neo-traditional pieces and much more… you can find so many different styles expressed right here on this little island. Here are some of our favourite pieces from this year that […]

WATCH: James Arthur praises Maltese teenager’s singing skills

A Maltese teenager is on cloud nine after her singing skills were praised by X Factor sensation James Arthur.  Ela Cachia, 16, covered the chart star’s 2013 hit Recovery and posted the video on her Instagram. The former X Factor winner, 31, soon spotted it and shared it on his page, making Ela’s day. He told […]

Man found unconscious in sea at Malta’s Blue Lagoon

A man has been rushed to hospital after being found unconscious in the sea at Malta’s Blue Lagoon. The 27-year-old from Finland suffered ‘serious injuries’, according to the police. The emergency services were alerted at around 4pm on Tuesday afternoon. The man was pulled from the water by lifeguards from the Emergency Response and Rescue […]