WATCH: More firework displays from Malta’s favourite beat boxer!

fireworks beat box

So you’ve probably heard about the guy who re-enacted a whole firework display with his beat boxing skills earlier this week… Well, we did some digging around and found another, if not more entertaining, festa fireworks display from Joseph himself. This version will get you more into the festa spirit, with the marching band playing […]

Man due in court after couple violently assaulted in Gozo

A man has been arrested after a British couple were violently assaulted in one of Gozo’s most picturesque villages. They suffered the shocking ordeal as they walked home to their flat in Xaghra early on Sunday morning. The attacker is reported to have thrown stones at the couple and wrestled the woman to the ground […]

Revealed: Malta’s most Instagrammed places this summer

Malta has been an Instagram heaven this summer. From stunning views to grand architecture and beautiful beaches, there have been so many things to capture. Instagram vice-president Andrew Royal told 89.7 Bay: ‘Instagram is all about passion. Users tend to share photographs that detail only the beautiful moments in their lives. ‘Compared to a popularity […]