Maltese sushi? Yes, please!

Maltese sushi

Imagine living in a sushi lover’s world. Imagine having exclusive Maltese rolls to devour instead of just having the usual shrimp tempura or California roll! Take a look at potential sushi to choose from … Maltese Makisushi Picture the substitution of prawn with a mixture of gbejna friska and gbejna tal bzar. God knows what […]

The frustrating & emotional stages of applying winged eyeliner

winged lin er

What is a makeup look without a sleek & winged eyeliner? We’ve all experienced the frustrating and sometimes emotional process of applying that perfect winged liner, only to fail miserably at the last minute and end up having to start the process all over again. Girl, I feel you!! Here are the nerve-wrecking stages of […]

Watch: Joseph Calleja and his kids cover a Queen classic

joseph calleja

We’ve seen our fair share of Carpool karaoke, but this one has to be one the cutest feel good videos you’ll see all week. Joseph Calleja has posted a video of himself with his kids Clara and Xandru, singing Queen’s classic song ‘Love of my Life.’ The video quickly garnered over 600 likes and over […]