If the Lion King was based in Malta, here’s what it would be like…

lion king malta

With Lion King breaking box office records all around the world, we couldn’t help but think to ourselves … how would Lion King be if it were based in Malta. It would probably go something like this … Pride rock is Maghtab Since there are no mountains and every high structure is pretty much man-made, […]

20 vintage pictures of Malta heatwaves over the last century

Summer heatwaves in Malta mean sun, sea, sand and soaring temperatures. And it appears it has always been that way, as these nostalgic pictures from the award-winning Bay Retro archives show Malta’s love of the beach when the mercury levels rocket. The striking images features sun lovers playing by the shore from the early 1910s right […]

Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs around the world

Nissan is to cut 12,500 jobs worldwide by 2022 as it slashes production by 10%. The Japanese car maker made the announcement as it reported a 98.5% fall in profits for the three months to June. The announcement of a job cull representing about 9% of the global workforce increases the scale of cuts announced […]

Malta smashes it at one of sailing’s most prestigious international races

malta sailing

Malta has been smashing it when it comes to sports this month, with the latest achievement made in sailing. The Jarhead Young Sailors’ Foundation tested their skills at the The Royal Ocean Racing Club Cowes – Dinard – St. Maro Race and placed in the 19th position out of 49 starter participants. A total of […]