Things Look Strange in the Maltese Upside Down

Stranger Malta

Stranger Things season 3 officially came out and we’ve already binge-watched our way through half. Ever thought what Malta would be like if it were taken over by the Stranger Things fantasy? Well, you don’t have to leave it up to your imagination anymore, cos we’ve created our own little version of the Maltese Upside […]

9 Things that Require Pure Maltese Creativity to Execute

Us Maltese have a god-given gift. We can find the fastest and easiest shortcut that will make our life so much simpler. But when you evaluate, look back and see the end result of whatever it was that needed to be done … you are left with these Maltese masterpieces. 1. No parking, no problem […]

Holland’s magnificent winger Arjen Robben retires at 35

Former Bayern Munich and Chelsea winger Arjen Robben has retired at the age of 35. The ex-Netherlands international, whose Bayern contract expired in June, was hammered by injuries last season. Robben also played for Real Madrid and PSV, having started his career at Dutch side FC Groningen 19 years ago. He won trophies at every […]