7 amazing retro postcards of Malta’s seaside resorts

Today we share our favourite photos on Instagram and Facebook. But back in the 1960s there were only postcards and family photo albums. The pace of change in Malta is so fast, sometimes it’s hard to remember what the island once looked like. Now a set of beautiful postcards dating back to the early 1960s […]

Malta suffers its wildest May for nearly 70 years

Malta has suffered its stormiest May for nearly 70 years, according to weather experts. Last month was the wildest since 1951 and one of the was also one of the wettest, with more than double the amount of rain normally expected at this time of year. A spokesman for the Met Office in Luqa said: […]

Malta’s largest historic fort will finally be restored

Malta’s largest historic fort, which has appeared in several blockbuster films, is to be given a massive facelift. Detailed plans to restore Fort Ricasoli, on the outskirts of Kalkara, have been given the go-ahead by Malta’s Planning Authority. The proposals, which were submitted by the government’s Restoration Directorate will see work carried out in several phases. […]

Totti leaves Roma after 30-years with the club

Francesco Totti has hit out at the Roma hierarchy after ending a 30-year association with the club. The 42-year-old former Giallorossi captain claimed his views were not taken into consideration as he stepped down as a director. Totti took up a role on the club’s management two years ago after retiring as a player. Speaking […]

Dogs evolved ‘sad puppy eyes’ to appeal to humans

Dogs have evolved their ‘sad eyes’ expression in order to help endear them to humans, a study has found. Scientists compared the anatomy and behaviour of dogs and wolves. Their findings suggest the facial structure of dogs changed over thousands of years specifically to enable them to communicate with humans. A University of Portsmouth spokesman […]