The 7 stages every person goes through on April Fool’s!

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Getting pranked on April Fool’s is a rite of passage, you expect it to happen even though you desperately don’t want it to! And no matter how hard you try, to not fall for it year after year, someone, somewhere will probably manage to fool you. So without further ado, here are the 7 stages […]

Ed Sheeran’s music ‘makes kids happy’, says study

Ed Sheeran is the most popular singer among kids aged 7 to 17, according to new research into music and well-being. The survey of 1,001 children was published by Youth Music, a charity investing in music-making projects for young people. Four in 10 of those questioned said music made them feel good, while 85 percent […]

Bonnici pleads not guilty after admitting the double-murder with police

Joseph Bonnici, 38, has been remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to the killing of his mother and sister. The man from Għaxaq admitted to the police that he had murdered his mother and sister and took the officers to the field in Għaxaq where he tried to bury them, a court was told […]

Lewis Hamilton highest earner in Formula One history

Forbes reports that Hamilton is almost a half-billionaire, the five-time F1 World Champion banking $489-million since he made his debut with McLaren back in 2007. Incredibly, Schumacher is number two on the list the seven-time F1 World Champion, with 91 wins still remains the most successful driver of all time. For a decade the German was the best-paid […]