World’s best-selling single of 2018 is officially revealed

The biggest song of 2018 has been revealed. Havana by Camila Cabello sold a massive 19 million copies worldwide last year, according to the latest record industry figures. Frances Moore, chief executive of IFPI, said: ‘Havana truly was the stand-out hit of the year. Momentum behind the track continued to build and build at an […]

The Queen posts on Instagram for the first time

The Queen has proved she is in touch with the touch screen by sharing her first ever Instagram post. The head of the Commonwealth, 92, shared an archive image with 4.6 million followers of the Royal Family’s Instagram account The Queen passed the social media milestone during a visit to the Science Museum in London. Rather than opting for a […]

The 7 types of Maltese people you’re bound to meet during Lent

lent in malta

With lent having just kicked off and the time of sacrifice officially started, we can’t help but ponder about the kind of people we’ll encounter during this sacred period of the year. 1. Those who do lent to drop down a size or two     They’ve failed to keep their New Year’s resolution, and […]

How The Queen and Meghan share a love of Malta

The Queen and Meghan Markle share a very special bond – their love of Malta. Both women have strong links to our island. Her Majesty, who also held the title Queen of Malta from 1964 to 1974, has had a soft spot for all things Maltese since she lived here for two years from 1949 to […]