Fire kills 10 at Flamengo training grounds

A early morning fire at Flamengo football club’s youth team training ground in Rio de Janeiro has killed ten people and injured at least three others, said Brazilian firefighters. Members of the youth side are believed to be among the dead, according to media reports in Brazil. The fire happened shortly after 5am at the Urubu’s Nest training centre in the […]

Watch 10,000 maggots eat a whole pizza in two hours

A pizza can be completely demolished by maggots in less than two hours. Researchers tracked individual larvae as they feasted and discovered the hoard resembles a ‘fountain’ as they eat for five minutes before taking a rest and letting others take over. The larvae of the black solider flies allow others to replace them once […]

Can you spot what’s wrong with this world map?

If you’re going to spend €30 on a map of the world, you want it to be accurate at the very least. But one poor country has been wiped from the face of the Earth in this map on sale at Ikea. Can you spot the mistake? The photo was uploaded to Reddit, where people […]

Instagram vows to delete all ‘graphic’ self-harm images

Instagram has pledged to remove all graphic images of self-harm from its social media platform. The move comes after the father of 14-year-old Molly Russell, who took her own life in 2017, said Instagram had “helped kill” his daughter. Molly’s family discovered she had been viewing graphic images of self-harm on the site prior to […]

13 iconic images of Valletta bus station over the years

It is one of Malta’s best-known landmarks – and these photographs show how life has changed at the City Gate bus station over the decades. Here, we take a look at how the area has changed over the years, with incredible Bay Retro images from the 1910s to the 1990s showing Malta’s electric trams, coloured […]