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Wolf Blood Super Moon will be visible from Malta

Stargazers across Malta and Gozo will be in for a treat as a rare form of lunar eclipse will be visible in our skies – a ‘Wolf Blood Super Moon’. This will be the first Total Lunar Eclipse entirely visible from the Maltese Islands since 2015 – with the next not taking place until 2029. […]

Revealed: The 10 prettiest streets in Malta and Gozo

Sssh… Don’t tell anybody but we think we might have found the prettiest streets in the Maltese Islands. There’s nothing nicer than mooching around Malta’s streets in the summer, and coming across the many rainbow painted balconies and beautiful houses. You’ll find some of the prettiest and most colourful streets in Valletta, Lija, Mdina, Rabat, […]

Study shows CHOCOLATE is the best cure for coughs

It might sound too good to be true but a new study has revealed that chocolate can be better at soothing coughs than traditional throat syrup. Professor Alyn Morice, Head of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Studies at the University of Hull, claimed that having a bar of milk chocolate was ‘more effective’ than shop-bought medicine. Revealing […]

Inside the secret bunker where Malta helped win the war

This is the underground bunker where Malta helped to win the war. The Lascaris War Rooms under the streets of Valletta were top secret during the 1940s but have become one of Malta’s top visitor attractions. During the Second World War they were Malta’s nerve centre – and the secret headquarters of the British and Allied […]