Malta ranked one of the world’s happiest nations

Malta has been revealed as one of the happiest places in the world. Malta came 22nd in the latest World Happiness Report, ahead of France, Spain, Italy and Brazil. The list ranks 156 countries based on factors including life expectancy, social support, corruption levels and health. Finland was number one after overtaking Norway which was champion […]

Take a step back in time to Valletta 100 years ago

These stunning black-and-white photos provide a fascinating glimpse of Malta’s capital city in bygone decades – when trams regularly ran through the streets and the famous Theatre Royal was still a popular entertainment venue. The images feature all manner of goings-on in Valletta around 100 years ago, from familiar sights of commuters and shoppers to […]

Turn off children’s gadgets ‘an hour before bedtime’

Parents should avoid letting their children use mobile phones or tablets an hour before bedtime, according to experts. Doctors said there was now ‘clear scientific evidence’ that looking at screens such as smartphones and laptops can disrupt sleep and impact children’s health. They c;aimed that spending long periods on gadgets was also directly linked to […]