Are these the funniest viral videos in Malta EVER?

Welcome to Malta! Our island is beautiful, the people are friendly and the food is on point. But sometimes we’re a hot-blooded bunch and things get a little out of hand. We’ve compiled some of the best viral videos that Malta has to offer. You might want to turn down the sound a little because […]

Maltese beaches you can have all to yourself this summer

Sometimes a day at the beach in Malta means searching for parking, struggling to find a bare patch of sand and then spending hours listening to someone else’s music and crying kids. But what would it be like if just you – and maybe a friend – were the only ones on the beach? What […]

How to see Gozo’s most spectacular view for yourself

It is one of the most spectacular views in the Maltese Islands. And now a YouTube video has revealed how you can see it for yourself. The Traveler Junkie has shown how easy it is to get to one of the greatest views in Gozo.   Overlooking the idyllic Ramla Bay, on the ridge opposite the […]

Cosmonaut shares stunning view of Malta from space

This is beautiful Malta from space. A stunning image has been captured by a Russian cosmonaut hundreds of kilometres away from the Earth’s surface. Lieutenant colonel Oleg Novitskiy snapped the island from the International Space Station, which orbits at a height of 400 km. Malta from space! Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy shares a stunning new view […]