20-Year Missing Person Case Solved Through Google Maps


The last thing you expect to do when exploring the world on Google Maps is to solve a mystery, right? Well, it turns out that a missing person’s case that was open since 1997 was solved in exactly this way…


Google Maps Solves 20-Year-Old Missing Person Case (Google Maps)


On the evening of November 7th, 1997, 40-year-old William Moldt left a nightclub alone, calling his girlfriend at around 9:30 pm to let her know that he was on the way home. Unfortunately, Moldt never made it home.



A missing person’s report was then filed and the police began investigating the situation, yet without any leads, the case was left unsolved.


William Moldt (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System)


In 2019, 22 years after the incident, a car submerged in a pond was noticed on Google Maps, with the images reaching the police. An investigation was launched, with police suspecting that the car had been submerged for a while due to its state.



This location happened to be still under construction when the original report was filed, which may have resulted in the car being overlooked.


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Although sources claim that the satellite imagery was available on Google Earth since 2007, Moldt’s body was discovered in the car in 2019, with a medical examiner confirming his identity a week later. According to BBC reports, Law enforcements presume that Moldt had lost control of his car and driven it into the pond, not being able to escape in time.


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