10 amazing postcards of Malta from the 1920s

These days we have Instagram filters and Facebook check-ins to induce envy in our friends.

But before social media came along, the postcard was the ultimate holiday brag.

These amazing postcards of Malta are so beautiful you’ll wish you had a time machine.

The remarkable pictures date back to 1927 and were drawn by the famous Maltese painter and artist Edward Caruana Dingli.

He was so highly thought of, he was asked by the officials responsible for the marketing of the island’s fledgling tourist industry to create a series of postcards.

The stunning, colourful images of Malta and of Maltese people that he produced created what we would now call ‘branding’.

Originally published by John Critien Ltd in Valletta, these postcards were snapped up by the thousand.

Sadly, the tradition of sending postcards to loved ones back home is steadily declining.

Fewer than one billion are now sent each year, compared with more than 4.5 billion worldwide in 1951.

We’ve dug these out of the Bay Retro archives for you to enjoy as part of our Making Malta Great campaign.

1. A procession passes St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta

2. Gozo boats sit alongside the quay in the Grand Harbour

3. The incredible view across Madliena Valley before the building boom

4. Fishermen mend their nets at Mgarr Harbour in Gozo

5. Marsamxett Harbour from Sa Maison

6. On the road to Mdina during orange picking season

7. Pig farming in the woods at Buskett Gardens

8. A girl selling chickens in the countryside

9. Maltese carts out for a festa

10. The guitar player

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