20 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The Love Island Villa

British dating game show Love Island has returned, and a number of singletons have already created a stir in the villa. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about the Mallorcan residence:

  1. The villa belongs to a German millionaire, who rents it to ITV for the duration of the show.
  2. It takes roughly eight weeks to transform the Spanish farmhouse into the Love Island villa we all know and love, yet we’ve been told it only takes half that time to strip everything back down. 
  3. The bedroom’s back wall is actually fake, and behind it lies the villa’s real kitchen, which viewers and Islanders never see.

  4. The show makes use of an outdoor kitchen to encourage the residents of the island to spend more time outside.

  5. Food is delivered to the property via a two-way walk-in larder, as seen in the below image. The larder is also where producers gather Islanders for secret chats.

  6. The Islanders, on the other hand, don’t do much cooking. On-site caterers, who maintain a station outside the villa’s driveway, provide lunch and dinner everyday to the Islanders.

  7. Since contestants are not filmed during meal times, producers urge that talks be kept to a minimal so that no action is missed.

  8. Smoking is prohibited in the main garden on the island. Instead, they must each go out for a cigarette on their own. They’re still being filmed in case something important happens, but they don’t mingle with the other Islanders, and those who want to smoke must queue on the stairs inside the villa and wait until the person before of them has finished. The producers made this decision after 50 % of the complaints about the show in 2017 were about how much the participants smoked.

  9. Cameras are placed all around the villa and the garden that watch the islanders’ every move. The only place where they are not filmed is in the bathrooms.

  10. However, microphones are still installed in both the shower and the toilets, ensuring that every discussion is recorded.

  11. The garden’s grass and plants are all fake, probably because the contestants would forget to water them.

  12. The participants are supposed to keep the villa tidy during their stay in order for it to appear nice on TV, but cleaners are also sent in once a week.
  13. The Dog House is featured this year, which is a new addition to the living area consisting of a bed for Islanders to sleep on if they are kicked out of the one they share in the main bedroom.

  14. The Hideaway this year has a secret drawer where producers can hide little treats for the couple who are inside.

  15. In the event of an emergency, there is always a medic on site.

  16. Dumping and recoupling ceremonies are sometimes filmed at 1 a.m., when the Islanders would be least expecting it.
  17. Contrary to popular belief, there is no defined limit on how much alcohol contestants can consume, with producers deciding “on a case-by-case basis.
  18. The Islanders’ phones are only able to receive messages from producers, text other islanders, and take pictures.

  19. The islanders are allowed to request ONE food item per day.
  20. Due to the pandemic, several production employees will remain in the UK in 2021, including narrator Iain Stirling, who will record his voiceover for the first time from London.

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