2 Lucky Winners Get €2000 Cash From The Big Bay Hunt


The day of the Big Bay Hunt has finally come. 5 teams – 10 participants were taken off to a mystery location in a chance to win €2000 in cash.


Everyone was blindfolded and no one had a clue where they were going. One long drive and a boat ride later the teams stepped back on land at the Secret Location *drumroll* Comino!


They were all given 1 hour to look around the island for 70 hidden Bay logos. Blue, Red and Gold, all with varying points. Whoever had the most points at the end wins. And, so the hunt started.


They all searched high and low but in the end, only one pair could go back home with an extra 2k in hand. After a diligent hour of counting points and collecting the rest of the Bay logos that were not found – we had a winner.


Big congratulations to Alexia and Liam who cashed in BIG today!


Summer’s just started though, so don’t feel left out if you didn’t get the chance to win yet. More chances to win big coming up soon. Stay tuned


The Big Bay Hunt was generously brought to you by KFC Malta, Intercomp, BridgePoint, Continental Cars and Great Dane restaurant.