17 Celebrities Who Owe Their Fame To The Internet



1  Cardi B

Showing up on vine, Cardi B’s humour and out-going personality struck a chord with online audiences way before she became a rapper.





2  Kate Upton


At the age of 18, Kate Upton went viral for a video of her doing ‘The Dougie’, taking her straight to stardom.


3  Alessia Cara


Another YouTube viral sensation, Alessia’s singing took off from her videos as a young teen.





4  Justin Bieber


From a video of Justin Bieber doing a Justin Timberlake cover on YouTube going viral, to the internet sensation of ‘Bieber Fever’, there’s no doubt the internet had a part to play in his rise to fame.


5  The Weeknd


Starting off lowkey on the internet, The Weeknd let his music speak for itself before becoming the huge celeb he is today.





6  Doja Cat

Mooo! Enough said.


7  Shawn Mendes


Sharing his singing videos on Vine, his vocal chords instantly struck a chord with audiences. And I’m sure the looks helped too!





8  Liza Koshy


After going viral for her quirk and comedic content, Liza kept her following across Vine and YouTube.


9  Quenlin Blackwell


Another Vine star, Quenlin moved to TikTok to continue growing her online audience.





10  Troye Sivan


From YouTube covers to vlogs, Troye attracted a large audience with his personality and talent.


11  Lil Nas X


Old Town Road. That will be all.





12  Soulja Boy


From the dawn of YouTube itself, Soulja Boy was cranking that to millions of views.


13  Dylan O’Brien


From home movies to the sliver screen, Dylan O’Brien was no stranger to YouTube virality.





14  Dua Lipa


From model to YouTube sensation, Dua, like many others, started out humble by covering songs on the platform.


15  Darren Criss


Darren’s stardom rose when his performance of Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical went viral on YouTube.





16  Bo Burnham


The leader of viral videos, Bo’s entire career has practically been build off of his incredibly entertaining song-driven comedy.


17  Halsey


Thanks to YouTube, a young Halsey was able to show the world her talent and passion for music.