16 things that would happen if Friends was set in Malta …

Have you ever watched Friends and wondered what it would be like if all of them lived in Malta instead?

It would probably go something like this …

1. The show would be named Hbieb instead of Friends, and the opening credits would be taken around the Triton fountain in Valletta.

2. Chandler would work as a customer support agent in an Igaming company.

3. Monica would probably have gained some of that weight back.

With her mother or kunjata force-feeding her gigantic portions of food, double the size of her face, it would be quite hard for Monica to keep all that weight down.

4. Monica’s hair would always be like this, because of the humidity.

5. Rachel would be from Sliema and tal-Pepe.

‘Ghax like, let me tell you ta’ Ross, WE WERE NOT ON A BREAK!’

6. Rachel would be working somewhere like Charles and Ron as opposed to Ralph Lauren.

7. Ross would be a philosophy lecturer at the University of Malta

To impress his students he would probably fake an American accent, forcing down the Maltese-English one he actually speaks.

8. All of them would probably still be living with their parents.

They would always meet up in some summer residence or boathouse that one of their family owns, chilling there instead of at Central Perk.

9. They would end most of their sentences with the word ‘mela’.

10. Instead of ugly naked guy as their neighbour, they’d have some Maltese sindikajra checking what they’re doing at all times.

11. Phoebe would be a Malta song for Europe sensation thanks to her song smelly cat.

12. Joey’s catchphrase would be ‘X’ghanna Lilly?’

There would be one episode where he actually gets fined for calling someone that.

13. Janice’s catchphrase would be “Uwejjaaaaaa”.

14. We wouldn’t have a thanksgiving episode, but we’d probably have a yearly episode celebrating the village festa.

15. Chandler would refuse to celebrate the village festa because he lost the tip of his toe in a freak accident during the Marc tal-Hadd filghodu.

16. Phoebe and Mike’s wedding day would have been in the middle of a heatwave rather than a snow storm.

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