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15 Struggles Only Short People Know All Too Well

As a vertically challenged person, I’ve experienced many trials and tribulations; “short stuff”, “squirt”, “how’s the weather down there?”– I’ve heard it all.

And yes, I did drink my milk and eat my vegetables as a kid… and the weather down here is fine, thanks for asking! But hey, good things do come in small packages! And everyone automatically thinks you’re cute just because you’re short. Nevertheless, here are 15 struggles only short people go through…

Finding jeans that fit both your waist and your legs basically never happens

The petite section in stores is a blessing for us under 5”4, and no one can roll up jeans quite like us (not like we have a choice, but anyways)

Being devastated when a child is taller than you

First, why? Second, how?!

The sun visor, in our case, is USELESS

Being lifted, leaned on or thrown more than you’d like

I am NOT your personal armrest, thank you.

Standing on your tiptoes is a skill you’ve mastered.

Group photos, kissing someone, reaching stuff…you name it, we’ve done it!

Always being placed in the middle seat of a car

But hey! If you’re sitting behind a seat, you never need to ask for leg room

When taller people crowd your view for a concert or movie

…even though you paid for it too

Having to power walk anytime you’re walking with your tall friends

You know you have a stool.

Piggyback rides are not just for children

The distressing thought of the fact that you only shrink with age…

You’ll resemble a garden gnome by the time you’re 84.

Always moving your driver seat forward before driving after someone else


Stepping out of the shallow end means you’re going to end up gurgling water

Climbing the supermarket shelves to reach a packet of cookies.

Eat your heart out, Spider Man!

Not being taken seriously when you’re mad, because “being short means being cute” to some people

Bite me.