WATCH: 15 People Spent 40 Days In Cave With No Phones And No Clocks And They Want To Do It Again!  


A group of 15 people just emerged from a cave in France after spending six weeks without phones, watches or any natural light whatsoever.


This group was dedicated and committed enough to do this as part of an investigative study to establish the effects of extreme isolation.



The ‘Deep Time’ study saw them set up residence in the Lombrives cave in the Pyrenees Mountains south of Toulouse.


Which area has a constant temperature of 12°C and a humidity of 95%.


Deep Time Project: Why have people been “imprisoned” in a cave for 40 days in France without a mobile watch? Learn Motive – Deep Time Project, why were 15 people in France


During this time the group had no contact with outside world including updates about the coronavirus pandemic or news from friends or family.



They also had to be resourceful and generate their own electricity with a pedal bike and draw water from a well which is 45m below the earth.


Apart from that, they were also tasked with organizing activities by relying on their body clocks and sleep cycles.



Once out, several volunteers expressed their feelings with some stating that this experiment was like pressing pause on life. Whilst others expressed their desire to remain underground for even more time.


What about you? Would you be willing to do this?


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