“13 Years Dreaming about This Moment – Finally it’s a Reality!” – Ylenia

Our Ylenia’s childhood dreams came true last weekend as she got to see The Jonas Brothers Live in Milan – and what’s more, she got to meet them up close and personal during a Meet and Greet Session.

Ylenia said that she had to be there four hours before it all went down at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan. She obeyed this to the letter, and was in fact the first person in, out of 12,700 – Perseverance is everything!

Ylenia was taken on a backstage tour, given access to the pit in front of the stage, got to see their changing rooms and the quick-change area.

Whilst on the backstage tour, Ylenia had the opportunity to see the guitars of the brothers, and their props, including THAT SOS sign. While we’re on SOS, as part of the tour Ylenia also got to see the Jonas Brothers’ outfits from when they were little boys.

And then it happened – the Meet and Greet moment – Ylenia got to hug each one of the Jonas Brothers, defying any height deficiency problems, as, in her own words, one of them is really short, and personally thanking them for getting back together.


Summing up this childhood dream of hers, Ylenia said that if she had to do it again, she would.

Good on you Ylenia – Dreams are there to be pursued.

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