13 tips to sleep comfortably this summer in Malta

Malta is basking in the summer sunshine – and we’re all feeling pretty smug about it.

But even though we’re enjoying the glorious weather in the Maltese Islands, there’s still a thing or two to moan about.

If you’ve ever faced a sleepless night in the heat, you’ll know how brutal it can be to try and attempt forty winks in sizzling conditions.

Luckily, we’ve got some top tips on how to keep cool as temperatures continue to rocket in Malta and Gozo…

1. Choose cotton

Swap your bedsheets for a lighter cotton material, this will help your skin breathe throughout the night.

2. Heat rises

Hot air rises so open a window and this will give it somewhere to go.

3. Stay hydrated

Take a bottle of water into your bedroom and sip it throughout the night to stay hydrated.

4. Ditch the duvet
Store away your duvet and opt for light sheets instead.

5. Lukewarm shower

Take a lukewarm shower before you get into bed to help bring down your core body temperature. It will also rinse off any sweat so you can hit the hay feeling clean and refreshed.

6. Turn off your lights

It might sound obvious but light bulbs generate heat and will make your bedroom even hotter. Thankfully, summer nights are usually light so you can take advantage of this and give the electricity a mix.

7. Keep your feet cool

Feet are sensitive to temperature because there are lots of pulse points in them. Pop your feet in cool water before going to sleep. This will help bring down your body temperature significantly down.

8. Tie your hair up

If your hair is sticking to your face, or making you feel hot and bothered, then tie it up.

9. Play relaxing music

Stick on a calming playlist and try to relax before you drift off. It can help soothe you when you’re feeling flustered and frustrated.

10. Rethink your diet

Avoid drinking too much alcohol or eating a big meal – both can raise your temperature in the middle of the night through dehydration and over-active digestion.

11. Invest in a fan

Buy yourself a small fan for your room to help your body keep cool while you sleep. Position it across from the window, so that the fan, and the wind from outside create a cooling breeze.

12. Freeze your sheets

Stick your bedsheets in a plastic bag and put it in your fridge or the freezer for a few minutes.

This will help cool them down ready for when you put them on and climb into bed.

13. Unplug

If you’ve got electronics on standby unplug them. These items can generate unwanted heat making the room temperature increase.


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