12-Year-Old Molly Is Shaving Off All Her Hair For An Amazing Cause

I don’t really remember what I was like at the age of 12, but if I had to sum it up, I spent most of my days watching TV, reading the hottest piece of fiction at the time, without a care in the world about what social issues are at play around me.

That is definitely not the case for 12-year-old Molly, who is about to shave her head of hair for the amazing cause of raising money for the Women For Women Foundation.

Her reasoning is simple: “They have helped my mum who is a single mother to me and my brother and I would like to show my appreciation.” She continues on saying that this fundraiser aims to help other women in similar situations to the one her mother found herself in.

Vouching for her strong belief in helping out those who need it, her mother, Nicola, shares how Molly has always been strong-willed with a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. She goes on to say how this fundraiser is “for a magnificent cause close to our family’s hearts and we are incredibly proud of her for highlighting and raising money for this very worthy cause.”

Molly is set to shave her hair off today and hopes that her actions will spark others to donate so that the foundation Women For Women can keep on helping other people like her mum.

So far, Molly has managed to raise close to €3000.

You can make your donation and support this cause, by click here.