117 New Emojis are on their way to our phones and we just CAN’T WAIT

This looks like it’s going to become a yearly tradition- that time of year when we get to find out which new emojis are going to be gracing our chats and entering our hearts!

Well, there are 117 new and approved emojis released by emojipedia, sneaking into our phone keyboards in 2020 and here’s why we’re excited for them…

We’re going to be using them A LOT

Ok, I can already sense that this one’s going to be my most-used emoji: The smiling with a tear.

Honestly, it just adapts so well to any situation, doesn’t it?

Then there’s the Italian Pinched Fingers one, which I know us Maltese are going to use for absolutely everything and anything.

A new ninja is on the way for all you stalkers…yes, I’m looking at you.

Not to mention we’ve got new cockroach and sandals emojis on the way; basically, the two ingredients of a Maltese summer.

They really thought outside of the box for these ones…

You’ve got to hand it to the creators because some of the new emojis are just brilliantly weird.

For example, we’re getting a dodo, a seal, a piñata, a mouse trap, a bison, bubble tea and …wait for it…a headstone.

I mean okay thanks we’ll take them, I guess…

I’m not really sure when, where or how I will use these, but somehow, I know I will.

The inclusivity is real

It’s 2020 and some of the new emojis are all about celebrating diversity.

We’ve got a transgender flag and symbol on its way, a gender-neutral Santa Claus, a tuxedo and veil where you can customise the gender, and also customisable gender options on a person holding a baby. We applaud.

Since it’s up to iOS and Android to officially release now, we’re probably going to have to wait until at least autumn 2020 before we get to use these bad boys!

Here are all the new emojis coming to your phone later this year:

Let us know what you think of the new emojis in the comments!


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