11-Year-Old Girl Can Change Hair Colours With Birthmark


Bella can switch her hair colour between blonde and brunette thanks to her rare genetic birthmark!


The 11-year-old from Lincoln was born with a head of half blonde and half brunette hair and can change the colours with the way she parts her hair. In this way she can choose to style her hair in the best way that matches her outfits. “If she has it in a certain style, she’s blonde but if she changes her parting, she’s brunette.


Eleven-Year-Old Girl Can 'Switch' From Blonde To Brunette Overnight Thanks To Rare Birthmark


This was caused by poliosis, a rare genetic birthmark that creates lack of pigment in a patch of hair. This occurs when you have a white streak in your hair caused by lower amounts of melanin and melanocytes in the hair follicle. Poliosis affect all types of hair including eyebrows, eyelashes and arm hair.


Bella switches it up depending on her outfit (Credit: Kennedy News and Media)


In fact, Bella has different coloured lashes with her right lashes in a lighter colour and her left lashes in a darker colour.


In the summer the darker side does go fairer. The blonde is an ice blonde, like it’s been bleached and it goes all the way underneath in an unusual pattern.”