11 things you’ll only understand if you’re the baby of a Maltese family

maltese family

Us Maltese people are already way more over-protective of our family members than we should be, we know that… but when it comes to the youngest one of the family … boy do we out-do ourselves.

Here are the struggles and perks of being the baby of a Maltese family.

1. The middle car seat is your designated seat … forever

From a young age you were told ‘post iz-zgħar huwa fin-nofs’ and no matter how old you get, if the whole family is riding in the car, you will forever be sitting in the middle.

2. Hand-me-downs are a way of life

You’ve got no idea what shopping for a uniform feels like as you’ve been using your siblings’ hand-me downs for a very long time.

But let’s look on the bright side. You also got (and probably still do) to steal their new clothes without them knowing, waiting for them to unleash their wrath when they found out.

3. You’re the spoilt one in the family

Growing up, your almost-broke siblings still got you cool stationary for school or items of clothes cos you needed to look more in-line with the times.

And don’t even get us started on the amount of times we snuck something in our mom’s trolley and smiled our way through getting it bought.

You’re the spoilt one of the family, and at this point you’ve learned how to own it.

4. You’re basically the family servant

Apart from getting all the worst chores imaginable in the house, whenever someone needs anything, your name is the first to be called out.

Someone needs something from upstairs? You’re the one getting it. Clothes need to be taken down from the wash? You’re the one taking them down.

Heck, you could be fast asleep and your siblings wide awake … your mom would still wake you up to do something for them. We feel your pain.

5. You’re used to being called by your siblings’ names

‘Daph.. aw Yas… aw Thea!!!’ – You’re so used to hearing a combination of names at one go that you automatically respond to any of your family member’s name whether you’re the only sibling currently home or not.

6. You got no sympathy during exams

While you were doing your Junior Lyceums, your siblings were doing their O-levels.

What’s that? You’re finding it hard to study for your O-levels? Too bad, your siblings have got Uni assignments to complete.

You’ve mastered the skill of comforting yourself during these stressful times.

7. Being introduced to people as ‘iz-zgħir/a’ even though you’re 24

Awkwardly smiling your way through ‘Iva hi, iz-zgħir/a din ara’, is the norm.

And your parents telling you: no matter how old you get, you will always be my baby makes you cringe, but what can you do?

8. Your name is always last on birthday cards

God forbid you write it and try to put your name at the top, because they will find out, and you will get told off.

9. You know all the songs from the previous generation

Whether or not it’s because you want to is a whole other thing.

You were never allowed to play any songs you actually liked when you were younger, as your siblings completely hogged the stereo.

It was only when you were old enough to get your own MP3 that your own personal music tastes started to kick in.

10. All the family is eagerly waiting for you to bring a significant other home

Probably with a keen judgmental eye to see if they are good enough for their baby.

11. The love is endless

You’re the youngest one in the family, and everyone loves you endlessly. Your family knows it, you know it, and everyone does.

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