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11 Problems those who work in retail during January sales in Malta understand

We are half-way through January, but we still have to deal with the capitalist riots that are sales – especially those post-Christmas sales that are still going on.

Here are 11 problems anyone who’s ever worked in the wonderful world of retail can relate to…

When people stick the sales stickers on things that aren’t actually on sale

You know, as if the items aren’t inputted into the system too or anything…

People complaining about how expensive things are

Or better yet, they try to haggle for a lower price… like sorry, this isn’t a pawn shop

People trying to use a coupon that expired in 2019

Like uhm… new year, new offers

Weekends don’t really exist for you right now

Especially Saturdays. They get busy, you’re necessary for everyone’s survival.

If there’s anything you’ve mastered from the job, it’s your fake smile.

Not to mention that fake customer voice and laugh when customers make corny jokes.

You get a lot of people wanting to return Christmas gifts they didn’t like

Or else you get someone trying to return something without a gift receipt

…but “it still has the price tag on it”

Having to work with the people you don’t like.

All day.

It’s been a long day. You close in 5 minutes, and you’ve had enough. But there’s that one customer still browsing the store.

When you just cleaned the dressing rooms 10 minutes ago, but they’ve been demolished again

But hey, you still get your staff discount

Tag someone who knows the pains a bit all too well!