11 images which prove Malta is a summer paradise

Malta is beautiful all year round, but now we’re well into summer the Maltese Islands are even more stunning than usual.

Pictures speak louder than words and when the camera zooms in on Instagram, Malta looks seriously impressive!

Here are 11 stunning images that make the Maltese Islands look like the ultimate Mediterranean paradise.

They’re enough to make you fall in love with Malta and Gozo all over again.


1. What a way to start your day in Naxxar, by Vivien Bass


2. Let the sea set you free in Gozo, by Alessandro Guiotto


3. History and character meets you in Valletta, by Andrea Assenza


4. Your deckchairs are waiting at the Blue Lagoon, by Tien N


5. Ramla Bay has the most spectacular views, by Emily and Jacob


6. Crystal clear at Gozo’s Hondoq Bay, by Belen Hostalet


7. Happy and colourful in Zabbar, by Andrea Assenza


8. Take a dip at Gozo’s Ghasri Valley, by How Far From Home


9. If only every morning was like this, by Manon Courtay


10. Sunset and wine in Valletta by Julia Rosenbusch


11. Festa nights and fireworks in Gzira, by hcore3

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