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102-Year-Old Lady Fulfills Dream Of Being Arrested

old lady arrested dream


The elders are a wild generation 🤣



It’s unknown whether pensioner Edie Simms ever disobeyed the law during her century on Earth, but if she did, she clearly never got caught.


102-year-old woman crosses 'get arrested' off her to-do list | CNN


That’s why, at the age of 102, she surrendered to St. Louis police officers, allowing herself to be handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser.


102-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested, Checks 'Getting Arrested' Off Bucket List  | Bored Panda


In late September 2016, she rode in a police cruiser on her way to give some handcrafted things at the Five Star Senior Center in St Louis.



Sgt. John McLaughlin said the cops were delighted to provide a helping hand – and some handcuffs – because the elderly woman often donated gifts such as scarves, glasses cases, and potholders to other seniors living at the senior center.