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100ml Cap On Liquids To Be Banned For Travelling

100ml liquid airport cap

All travellers rejoice ✈️


According to recent reports, airports around the world plan to eliminate the 100ml liquid limit for hand luggages.

How much liquid can you take on a plane? – The Sun | The Sun

If you’ve traveled outside of your country in the last 15 years or so, you are probably all too familiar with the battle to cram a week’s worth of deodorant, shower gel, and sunscreen into a tiny plastic bag.

Small, clear plastic bags could soon be a thing of the past. Credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd UC24/Alamy

That fresh misery, however, may soon come to an end because it appears that efforts are being made to eliminate the restriction on the amount  of liquids that passengers may bring on board airplanes. New high-tech scanners will eliminate the need for small, clear plastic bags that can only hold certain types of liquids, according to an article in The Times.


This is due to the fact that the specialized CT scanners will be able to inspect bags using a 3D image rather than the 2D now used by the majority of airports.

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