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100-Year-Old Woman Reveals Key To A Long Life: “Stay Away From Strange Men”

A woman who is 100 years old claims to know the secret to living a long life



She sais that the key to reaching her age is to stay away from “Strange men”




Along with her husband Sam, who worked as a writer and a travel clerk, Olive Westerman has traveled the globe.


The former nursery nurse claims that while caring with young children kept her heart young, avoiding strange strangers is what actually enabled her to reach 100 years old.


On January 16, 2022, Olive turned 100 at the Deewater Grange retirement community in Chester


She celebrated with a high tea at Inglewood Manor with her friends.


Olive is among one of the first to get a card from the new king for her impressive feat.


“I was absolutely thrilled to receive a card from King Charles and Camilla.”


Staff continued the custom that her late husband Sam began by giving her a bottle of Estee Lauder perfume on her special day.