10 Ways You Didn’t Realise You Were Annoying Your Waiters & Waitresses


The weekend is HERE (for some of us), but servers don’t work your typical 9-5, Monday to Friday jobs, the weekend is when they’re about to get started. So, if you’re thinking of grabbing a bite or ordering takeout, keep in mind that the kitchen staff are your servers, not your servants.

But just in case you need some tips on catering etiquette, here are a few ways you might not have realised you’re disrespecting your waiters and waitresses.



1. Up and moving tables and chairs without asking


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Keep in mind that a restaurant doesn’t just have you to serve but might have reservations to set and tables to clean so please, wait to be seated.

2. Complaining about your food after eating it, or pretending you didn’t receive an item, just so you can get a refund or a freebie.


Oh Yes Yeah GIF - OhYes Yeah Yes GIFs

Okay, Karen!



3. When people call and expect you to tell them the ENTIRE menu


Bitch, Please GIF - BarackObama What Confused GIFs


Not only are there several delivery apps nowadays that most restaurants are on, but Facebook probably has their menu too – so please, take a look before you call, you’re not the only one we’re serving.

4. Making complicated adjustments to your food


Just Don't GIF - Just Dont GIFs


The menu is not a canvas for your wildest imagination, unfortunately.



7. Scattering your salt and sugar everywhere just because you’re bored


Waitress 2Broke Girls GIF - Waitress 2BrokeGirls GIFs


This mostly comes from unattended children whose parents let them do what they want, you know, without any manners or remembrance that someone has to clean that up? And if you really can’t help it, please clean up after yourself.


8. Asking for a meal to be gluten-free…but then ordering a beer


Huh Lebron James GIF - Huh LebronJames Wtf GIFs


Allergies vs. dietary preference. We are more than happy to accommodate your diet for either health issue or personal preference, but please, don’t lie about it.



9. Wanting to order minutes before closing time


Screw You Censored GIF - ScrewYou Censored Hahaha GIFs


Technically speaking, you are allowed to do this, at the price of the entire kitchen staff hating you though…


10. Texting while ordering


Dont Be Rude GIF - KimKardashian GIFs


Honestly, no. I am not just your server, but I am a human being, so at least look at me and give me your attention for the 2 minutes it takes for me to take your order, thank you.

In the end we have one piece of advice if you are getting ready to hit the restaurants tonight – if you do any of the above, just think of who is serving you, be compassionate, take a step back, and enjoy your meal!

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