10 ways expats realise they’ve become Maltese

Malta is home to tens of thousands of expats from Britain, Australia, Canada, Italy, the United States and many more.

But if you live here for more than a few months you’ll quickly pick up unique Maltese quirks, mannerisms and sayings.

It’s strange but true.

If you’re an expat, you’ll know you’ve suddenly become Maltese when…

1. You use the word ‘mela’ in every other sentence


2. You’ve heard the ‘Malteser’ joke a million times


3. You eat pastizzi at least three times a week


4. Explosive booms don’t scare you. They’re fireworks


5. You’ve been to at least one Eurovision party


6. This is what you mean when you think of ‘beer’


7. You drive with one arm out of the window


8. You think people from Gozo all know each other


9. You know every Maltese swear word in the book


10. You’re mad about Maltese politics even though you can’t vote

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