10 games today’s kids in Malta miss out on

Are you old enough to remember playing with dolls, splashing in puddles and climbing trees when you were a child?

The simple pleasures that defined childhood for generations in Malta appear to be dying out as an increasing number of kids stay indoors and surf the internet instead.

Three in four children today spend less time outdoors than prison inmates, a shocking report reveals.

A series of nostalgic photographs commissioned for a Bank of Valletta calendar highlight some of the traditional Maltese games that are dying out.

The pictures feature young children with senior citizens who had first-hand memories of the toys.

Photographer Joe P Smith staged the photos in narrow alleys and open fields in Zejtun, Vittoriosa, Marsascala and Gozo before traffic became a worry.

1. Dolls

2. Leapfrog

3. Hoops

4. Skipping

5. Go karting

6. Hopscotch

7. Kite flying

8. Marbles

9. Bowls

10. Spin the top

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