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10 things you probably never knew about Floriana

Floriana is sometimes wrongly described as ‘Valletta’s suburb’.

The town is located just outside the Maltese capital city and was founded in 1634.

Grandmaster de Paule, sensing another attack by the Ottoman Turks, brought over an Italian engineer, Pietro Paolo Floriani, who built further fortifications in the town. This is where Floriana gets its name from.

Here are 10 things you never knew about Floriana.

1. Floriana is named after Pietro Paolo Floriani, the military engineer who designed the fortifications surrounding the town

2. The origins of Floriana go back to 1636, when construction of the Floriana Lines began

3. Floriana is the birthplace of the man who composed Malta’s national anthem, Dr Robert Samut

4. Floriana FC was the most successful football club in Malta throughout the 20th century

5. More than 14,000 schoolchildren greeted The Queen at the Granaries in Floriana in 1954

6. Floriana hosted Malta’s formal Independence Day ceremonies in 1964.

7. Pope John Paul II addressed huge crowds in Floriana during his visits to Malta in 1990 and 2001.

8. Saint Publius is the patron saint of Floriana and is considered as the first Maltese saint.

9. Floriana’s attractions include The Mall Gardens, The Granaries, Argotti Botanical Gardens and Porte des Bombes.

10.  Isle of MTV Malta has been held in Floriana since 2007, featuring the likes of Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Clean Bandit, Rita Ora and Jason Derulo.

Photos: Malta Landscape Photography

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