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10 Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet


With awareness over personal hygiene skyrocketing ever since COVID-19 boomed, it’s important to clarify what you can and cannot flush safely down the toilet – and no, your hopes and dreams don’t count… but seriously, you might want to save your sewer system from clogging by being more attentive to what you dispose of, not to mention the wastewater treatment system. So, here are the top 10 things that don’t make the flush-worthy list, according to the Energy and Water Agency…


Paper Towels


clear spray bottle


Paper towels might look and feel like toiler paper, but they should never go down the toilet because they’re made to resist water, so they may cause clogs and glitches to our local sewer system.


Disinfectant & Cosmetic Wipes


green and blue labeled pack


It’s no secret that the use of wipes has jolted back up ever since a certain pandemic hit, but they can cause several drainage problems if flushed down the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, wipes don’t disintegrate – as certain packaging may claim – and are accountable for causing half of the global sewer blockages.





condom packs


Yep. The occasional condom flush can really harm the environment, even if you’re in a hotel. I mean, do you really want a plumber to tell you that used condoms are what’s blocking your toilet? Didn’t think so…


Cotton Balls, Rounds, or Swabs


white and green ceramic bowl


Small objects, big problems. Cotton wool doesn’t get soggy and break down in pipes as you’d hope it would, they can actually cause serious blockages.


Dental Floss


Oral-B Ultra floss dental floss container


Again, small objects, a big problem that can cause clogging to your drainpipes because they can wrap around other items, creating larger clumps. So, practice good dental hygiene, but toss it in the trash.




woman in white long-sleeved shirt standing in front of pink wall


I know, hair can get EVERYWHERE but the one place it shouldn’t be is in your drainage because hair can form a sort of net once flushed down and gets easily trapped in drainpipes.



Cigarette Butts


orange cigarette butts on black surface


Not only are cigarette butts toxic, but they can introduce potentially harmful chemicals into the water system – and we don’t want that – so make sure you dispose of them in the trash.




white blue and orange medication pill


Nope, flushing medications down the toilet are not the safest way of disposing of them, they could actually cause toxic environmental effects, but you can take them to your local pharmacy for safe removal.


Sanitary Products


white oval medication pill on teal surface


Tampons, sanitary pads, etc. are all designed to absorb liquid and can expand to several times larger than their original size, so they can easily destroy your sewage system.


Fats, Oils, or Grease


clear glass cruet bottle


As a rule, you shouldn’t flush food down the toilet in general – but ESPECIALLY when it comes to fats, oils, and grease. Grease, for instance, congeals once it cools, making it thicker and leads to the risk of clogging your drainpipes.


Our toilets are not trash cans made for dumping personal care and hygiene products, so make sure to protect your drainage system, local sewer networks, local wastewater treatment plants, and ultimately, our environment.


Every little helps. Be the change!