10 Things we do that really make us Maltese

things that make us maltese

Maltese people are one of a kind. We know that.

We’re overprotective of our family members, we find any reason to party, and we love to eat. But in reality, so many things that really make us Maltese. Like …

1. A one portion plate of food we cook can feed a whole nation

Be it pasta, meat and veggies, even putting together a salad for when you’re on a diet, the portions will be huge.

Are our eyes too big compared to our stomach? Absolutely. Will we be leaving any of that food on the plate or for another time? Absolutely not. Licking the plate clean is an understatement.

2. Asking random strangers if they need help

Now we know that this usually works the other way round, but us Maltese have got a gift for sensing when a lost soul needs help in finding directions.

Best part of all? If it’s only a few minutes away, we’ll even walk with them to their destination while making cringe-worthy small talk all the way through.

3. Driving to our five-minute destination

The likelihood that we’d rather be stuck in a traffic jam, than walk to a destination which is five minutes away is pretty high with us Maltese.

We even do our best to impose this life-style on other people too.

“Timxi? Ma tarax! Ejja ha naqtak sal-karozza!!”

4. When it comes to food, we choose quantity over quality

Let’s not kid ourselves. How many times have you checked out the restaurant’s facebook page just to make sure that the pasta portions are big enough? Or that they give you enough fries with your main?

When it comes to food, the portions are the only thing that matter to us.

5. Finding any reason to celebrate

Finished exams? Party! Graduated? Buscade!! Resigned from work? Last day lunch and drinks!

Us Maltese will really and truly find any reason to celebrate. Festi, summer bashes, end of summer bashes; heck, some people even celebrate on ‘Duluri’.

Which brings us to the next point – celebrating when the plane lands safely.

6. Clapping when a plane lands

Now this really and truly baffles me. I cannot, for the life of me, understand the need to give the pilot a round of applause for successfully landing a plane.

We don’t applaud the bus driver once s/he reaches the bus terminus. We might feel like clapping in excitement when food arrives on our table at a restaurant, but we don’t.

Maybe they’re just happy that they arrived to their destination all in one piece. Or maybe they’re just very excited that their holiday is about to start.

7. Clapping at the end of a movie

So you’re sitting in your cinema seat, maybe in tears after the movie you just watched. As soon as it ends, the crowd starts clapping.

Again, no idea why we do this. To my knowledge, no one ever wrote any film reviews based on whether the audience clapped at the end.

8. If the escalator ain’t working, we’re taking the elevator

Unless there’s a fire emergency, or no other option, you can bet on the fact that the majority of us will be taking the escalator or the elevator. If the escalator isn’t working, just take a look at the closest lift in the vicinity, and you’ll see a queue of Maltese people waiting their turn to avoid as much physical activity as humanely possible.

9. We still live with our parents at the tender age of 35

Others might find it strange that we’re still living under our parents’ roof, but to us it’s quite the norm.

You can blame the country’s size, the high property prices, or you can just blame the overprotective parents who threaten to disown us if we even think of leaving their nest.

10. Every Maltese child is a singing prodigy

How many times have you been to some village festival, or festa and found some parent proud of their rising star singing on stage?

Are they the best of singers? Not really. Does that stop their parents, standing in support on the side lines, from pushing their kids in the limelight? Definitely not.