10 Stunning Photos of Retro Malta you’ll Probably Barely Recognise

Malta has changed a lot in the past couple of years, let alone in the past couple of decades.

We might not recognise it from the photos, but it’s still nice to take a trip down memory lane and look at how Malta has changed over the years!


If you visit Marsaxlokk now, this area is full of chairs, cafeterias and all the restaurants you can imagine.


Or the outskirts of Mdina more like.

You’ve got to hand it to her … this woman’s got skill, a true balance queen, also carrying.


Quite possibly one of the first photos that was taken of the Azure Window in the early 1880s by veteran photographer Richard Ellis.


Looks familiar? This is Queen’s Square in Valletta, before all the umbrellas and chairs took over the little piazza.

Doesn’t it look amazing?


Back when every location has its own bus colour.

You have to admit, the coloured buses are simply a marvel to look at, especially when you see them all together like this!


Now that’s a throwback. This photo of the beautiful Our Lady of Graces Sanctuary in Zabbar was taken in approximately 1883.


Taken in the 1900s, this photo of the parish church of St Philip in Haz-Zebbug was taken before the church was enlarged. It’s even before the main square of the village was opened up to the size we see it today.


No buses to drive you to your airplane, just passengers making their way to board their aircraft at Malta’s old airport in Luqa.


Now that’s a sight! Floriana’s mall look awfully familiar. The only thing that has changed now is the Grand-master’s monument.

While that was transferred next to the Catholic institute, the statue was replaced by the Independence monument.


What a barely recognisable sight! Now full of shops and eating establishments, you can still see the towering buildings of Sliema from Gzira, but definitely not like this.

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