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10 stunning paintings of Malta you’ll want on your walls

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so these paintings must be worth a fortune.

Elisabeth Saguna is the latest Maltese artist to become a social media sensation after several of her beautiful oil paintings of Malta went viral after appearing on Bay Easy’s award-winning Facebook page.

Elizabeth told Bay she loves to ‘capture the warmth of the Maltese climate’ in her work as well as ‘the character of our environment and people’.

Here are 10 of her beautiful paintings you’ll want to hang in your home.

1. Mdina

2. Summer by the sea

3. Xwejni Bay

4. Valletta

5. Xlendi

6. Mdina

7. Country stroll

8. Gharb

9. Chadwick Lakes near Mtarfa

10. The Citadel in Victoria

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